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Poem for the New Time

In the Butterfly Fields under the yellow moon
On the eve when all doubt was banished
Yesterday receded, and I saw a new story inscribed:

Let me paint for you a picture anew
Of the New Time coming
The Yogini’s brew (keep in mind the I is You!)

First I heard
The Crash! And Boom! Of a loud guitar
Moving through the mountains
In a dazzling array of radiant light beams—
Multicolor hexagons
Exploded in a domed celebration of drum and sea!


The fair maiden returned to open the stars!
In her smile and laugh came the healing of Mars!


The birds got new tongues
And their songs turned to suns
And the suns all laughed and called to rain,
To purify earth and begin again …


Mists turned to diamonds and glistening in air
And beasts became beautiful
And everything smelled like prayer!
Onward they marched through the windy brook
When you see the purple unicorn,
You will know that love has finally took!

Follow the lighted stars
In love, the planet spreads
Signs of rapture exploding – this is LIFE,
We are no longer Dead!

Mountains rock and seas roll
As the lost chord crashes
And dust to dust and ashes to ashes
It is the moment we have all been waiting for
It’s the Universal Dream – the everlasting glow!
Breathe deep and let go!

Multicolored supernovas explode in the sky
Moving through mountains – no more children cry!

Enchanters, Enchantress
Beat that drum
Look up, look in
Look to the Central Sun

Give thanks to our Creator
The Rainbow Bridge has made us One!


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